Hide Updates from Apple 
10/30/2015 - Work, OSX
Posted by Shawn
1. Open the Mac App Store and go to the Updates tab as if you were going to install a software update
2. Right-Click (or Control+Click) on the large OS X El Capitan banner and choose “Hide Update”
3. Exit the App Store

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Updateing Adobe Reader 
10/20/2015 - Work, OSX
Posted by Shawn
curl https://admdownload.adobe.com/bin/live/AdobeReader_11_en_a_install.dmg > AdobeReader.dmg
hdiutil attach AdobeReader.dmg
/Volumes/Adobe\ Reader\ Installer/Install\ Adobe\ Reader.app/Contents/MacOS/Install\ Adobe\ Reader
hdiutil detach /Volumes/Adobe\ Reader\ Installer/
killall “Google Chrome”
killall "Safari"
killall "firefox"
rm -rf AdobeReader.dmg

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Update Google Chrome 
10/20/2015 - Work, OSX
Posted by Shawn
curl https://dl.google.com/chrome/mac/stable/GGRO/googlechrome.dmg > Chrome.dmg
hdiutil attach ./Chrome.dmg
killall "Google Chrome"
cp -rf /Volumes/Google\ Chrome/Google\ Chrome.app /Applications/
hdiutil detach /Volumes/Google\ Chrome/
rm -rf Chrome.dmg

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Update FireFox Script 
10/20/2015 - Work, OSX
Posted by Shawn
curl http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla ... 41.0.2.dmg[/url] > Firefox.dmg
hdiutil attach ./Firefox.dmg
killall "firefox"
cp -rf /Volumes/Firefox/Firefox.app /Applications/
hdiutil detach /Volumes/Firefox/
rm -rf Firefox.dmg

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Update Adobe Flash Player 
10/20/2015 - Work, OSX
Posted by Shawn
curl https://admdownload.adobe.com/bin/live/AdobeFlashPlayer_19_a_install.dmg > AdobeFlashPlayer_19_a_install.dmg
hdiutil attach AdobeFlashPlayer_19_a_install.dmg
/Volumes/Adobe\ Flash\ Player\ Installer/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player
rm AdobeFlashPlayer_19_a_install.dmg

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